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Kabarovsky is one of the most creative and technological brands of the jewelry industry in modern Russia. The brand transforms dull and cold metal into bright, shining jewelry that gives people joy and happiness. The masters of the brand are rightfully considered one of the best in the industry, and its products are always made with excellent quality and in a stylish design.

Brand history

The history of Kabarovsky Jewelry House began in 1999, when Viktor Kabarovsky founded a company in Kostroma (Russia) engaged in the production and distribution of diamond engagement rings. Subsequently, the production was expanded by the opening of a factory in the city of Vinnitsa (Ukraine), and the built distribution system made it possible to deliver products to all regions of Russia and Ukraine. Now the company, whose jewelry is in constant demand not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, the USA, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Malaysia, continues to develop actively.

Officially, as a legal entity, the company was registered in 2008.

Founder of the Kabarovsky Jewelry House LLC- Vera Anatolyevna Kabarovskaya.

And for 15 precious years, the Kabarovsky brand has been embodying dreams in jewelry collections and delighting its fans all over the world!

Brand philosophy

Kabarovsky’s philosophy is based on combining the traditions of jewelry art with current fashion trends. The brand’s jewelry concept is based on the traditions of the famous Faberge, Ruckert and Khlebnikov jewelry houses – attention to the smallest details, unusual images and long-forgotten techniques of working with precious metals. With the help of innovative technologies, Kabarovsky combines the heritage of great jewelers with current trends and modern designs, which allows us to produce both real works of art and popular seasonal collections.


Kabarovsky boldly goes beyond the stereotypical thinking and revives the traditions of work in such techniques as: enameling (hot glass, jewelry, cloisonne and stained glass enamels); painted finish; filigree (openwork scan). In addition, the brand adapts modern innovative techniques: nanoceramic coating of precious metals; technique of “burnt” gold; hand-painted mother-of-pearl, etc. Actively works with inserts made of natural wood, leather, porcelain, wallpaper and many others.

Unique style

Kabarovsky’s unique style is the creation of thematic design collections made in impeccable quality and according to the highest standards. Every year, the brand produces about 30 conceptual collections, which is unprecedented for the world jewelry business. To date, Kabarovsky masters have already presented more than 120 gold and 70 silver collections to the world. Each of them has its own ideology and individual style of performance.

Kabarovsky design bureau

Having its own Design bureau allows Kabarovsky to create exclusive jewelry for corporate clients and individuals.

Working conditions

  • Full cycle – from sketch to finished product;
  • Development of several variants of an artistic sketch before final approval, as well as additional approval of the model at the 3D modeling stage;
  • The ability to create exclusive jewelry according to your own sketches and wishes of the client;
  • Development of jewelry options with corporate symbols, taking into account the individual characteristics of the brand and the image of the company.

Top ratings and industry awards

  • The Kabarovsky brand is included in the industry rating of the TOP 10 Russian companies using advanced methods of promotion and advertising in order to strengthen consumer confidence in jewelry products. (Russian information and analytical agency «RosYuvelirExpert»).
  • Kabarovsky is one of the TOP 100 largest jewelry manufacturers in Russia. (Data Of the Russian State Assay Chamber).
  • Kabarovsky was twice awarded with a declaration of quality within the framework of the All-Russian competition of the Program «100 best goods of Russia».
  • Following the results of 2018 and 2021, the Kabarovsky brand became the winner of the national award in the field of entrepreneurship «Golden Mercury».

More about Kabarovsky Awards


Kabarovsky masters and designers are not afraid to experiment, they are constantly looking for fresh ideas and images to produce only exclusive items and surprise their brand fans. The annual successful participation in international and global industry exhibitions and jewelry design competitions is proof of this.

Stellar choice

In order to strengthen consumer confidence in jewelry products, the Kabarovsky brand actively participates in advertising and sponsorship projects, such as «Fashion Verdict» and «Good Morning» on Channel One, «Catch up in 24 hours» and «Rogov. Studio 24» on the STS channel, «Plan B» on TNT, etc.

In addition, Kabarovsky took part in the filming of clips by Philip Kirkorov, Valery Meladze and Mota.

Also, the brand was honored to become the official jewelry partner of the 25th Moscow Fashion Week. On the main catwalk of the country, we organized the first jewelry show in the history of Fashion Week.

Kabarovsky jewelry is in the precious caskets of Evelina Khromchenko, Olga Buzova, Zhanna Epple, Larisa Dolina, Pelageya, Ekaterina Strizhenova, singer Maxim and other famous people. We are very pleased that these icons of femininity and charm have given their preference to our brand!

Fans of the brand

Devoted friends of the brand are women who know a lot about fashion, follow its trends, are interested in artistic culture in any of its manifestations; attend theaters, exhibitions, fashion shows and social receptions. It is these representatives of the fair sex who can appreciate Kabarovsky jewelry and feel its philosophy.