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Kabarovsky Process Factory

A platform for teaching lean manufacturing techniques has been opened in the Kostroma region as part of the national project “Labor Productivity”. The Process Factory training and production range provides an opportunity to gain experience in the use of lean production tools in a real production process and assess their impact on the operational and financial performance of the organization. For a visual demonstration, a full-fledged educational and production process was organized at the site, in which employees of Kabarovsky Jewelry House LLC took part, as part of the national project “Labor Productivity”.

The main task of the “Process Factory” is to show the participants that the success of the enterprise is impossible without a cohesive team working within the framework of a single culture of lean production, and a leader fully involved in this process. Training unites the team, and the use of lean technologies and rules in the workflow contributes to business development, reduces production costs and increases profits.”

All employees of Kabarovsky Jewelry House LLC have masterfully coped with the tasks set, as part of the training, and are already applying the knowledge gained on their sites.

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