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Results of the exhibition Junwex New Russian Style Moscow 2023!

And we are back with awards!

1st place in the nomination “Diamond style” – exclusive collection of gold jewelry with spinel “Shanti”

" This is a collection of 4 exclusive headsets, each of which consists of a unique spinel set. Deep cobalt-violet shades of spinel favorably support classic diamonds. Jewelry looks very luxurious and, undoubtedly, will be the perfect complement to a precious jewelry box?

?2nd place in the nomination “Ethnostil” – the author’s collection of Muslim jewelry “Sunnah”

" Our clients and partners have been asking us to produce products with Muslim symbols of faith in our style, and we could not remain indifferent to their request! We present to you the author’s line of jewelry with stained glass and jewelry enamel, cubic zirconia, tiger’s eye and labradorites, which includes large

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