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3 first places at JUNWEX New Russian Style 2021

In May 2021, after all the restrictions and lockdown, we returned to Moscow with great pleasure for the annual exhibition “Junwex New Russian Style 2021”. As part of the exhibition, we presented 20 new collections and author’s sets made of gold and silver, with diamonds, seraphinites, morganites, beryls, with hot, jewelry and stained glass enamel, with painted finish and openwork, made in a variety of techniques.

In addition, according to tradition, on the eve of the exhibition, we sent an application for participation in the XX All-Russian competition of jewelers “Leaders of the Russian jewelry market”, which is organized by the Highest Expert Board of Junwex. According to the results of this competition, our brand received three first places in three main categories!

In the category “Fashion trends”, the collection “CharmedeNacre” and the author’s set “Buckwheat Blossom” received their recognition.

The author’s set “The Order of the Thistle” and the exclusive bracelet “Maat” received their recognition in the nomination “Collection of gift value”.

In the category “Mass-produced products”, the collections “Fayange” and “Tessura” received their recognition.

We are proud of our designers, jewelers and everyone involved in creating another important page in our jewelry history!

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