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Jewelry superpowers Kabarovsky

Jewelry superpower of Kabarovsky masters: the subtleties of working in various techniques of enameling, painted finish and filigree

Kabarovsky collectible jewelry with a history is not just a stylish accessory for a couple of seasons, but a real fashionable investment in the wardrobe of a woman tempted by a variety of precious products. Such an ornament cannot be simple and unambiguous, otherwise it will get lost in the turbulent flow of jewelry currents and lose its importance in the eyes of connoisseurs of jewelry art. No, we by no means have anything against classics and laconic design – rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and brooches are always appropriate in everyday and business images, but they will not be able to claim the title of “Pearls of a jewelry box”.

What reveals the depth of the decoration, gives it meaning and fills it with a special charm? Of course, the techniques of execution, their complexity and unique character. Picking up a gold or silver ring, which has come a long way from an artist’s sketch to a full–fledged piece of jewelry, on which the masters worked for weeks, invested part of their soul, verified the proportions and balance, laid each stroke of jewelry, cold or hot enamel with their own hands and fixed each stone in a diamond placer – you will not want to part with him. You will consider it, study its facets, try it on yourself and imagine situations and occasions in which this decoration will be your irreplaceable companion. This is the depth of the precious product.

The philosophy of the Kabarovsky brand is based on combining the traditions of jewelers with the most current fashion trends. Today, everyone knows that the jewelry art in Russia has been giving the best masters to the whole world for many centuries, and this is what allowed us to become the heirs of master jewelers. The concept of our jewelry is based on the traditions of Faberge, Ruckert and Khlebnikov houses: keen attention to the smallest details, very unusual images, techniques of working with precious metals long forgotten in the world, as well as current design and trends give us the opportunity to produce both real masterpieces and popular collections. Thanks to this, we proudly carry the status of one of the most creative modern jewelry brands in Russia.

In the production of jewelry, Kabarovsky designers and craftsmen boldly revive the long-standing traditions of working in the techniques of hot enamel, painted finish and ancient labor-intensive filigree (scan) techniques, combining them with current and fashionable trends to make jewelry look unusual and non-trivial. To date, it is difficult to find a brand in Russia that, like us, is not afraid to experiment with forgotten techniques, dressing them in a unique form in order to produce only exclusive collectible jewelry with a history that will not fade in a wide variety of jewelry industry products.

Let’s take a closer look at what is the uniqueness of the production of jewelry with hot enamel, finish or scan:

Cloisonne enamel

Hot enamel is a thin layer of glass, which is obtained by applying a powder of glass powder to the surface of a metal, be it gold or silver, and then melting it in an oven at temperatures of 800-870 degrees, after which the molten glass “adheres” to the precious base. You can be sure of the durability of products with the application of cloisonne hot enamel, because the jewelry created in this technique has been known since Ancient Egypt, and they have come down to our days as bright as if they were made quite recently.

Jewelry (cold) enamel is a simpler in execution, but no less attractive technique. The essence of its production consists in applying enamel paints to the metal surface with a uniform layer and short–term baking at relatively low temperatures – 120 degrees.

Stained glass enamel – the technique was named because of its similarity to stained glass. Translucent colored enamel is framed by gold or silver partitions and resembles colored stained glass.


Initially Kabarovsky enamellers took as a basis the old secrets of the royal factories that previously worked with painted finish and combined them with new technologies for applying enamels. Production is divided into several stages:

Base. The plate cut out of precious metal is covered with glass powder of colored enamel and fired in an oven at a temperature of up to nine hundred degrees. Then the enamel melts and covers the entire plate with a smooth vitreous layer. And after that, the master cleans off the upper, blackened part of the base at the time of firing, and re-covers the plate with glass powder. In this way, several coverage passes are made. Eventually, the plate becomes evenly enameled, shiny and ready for painting.

We offer you to watch a video about the production of jewelry with painted finish
(Collection “Oriental Silk”)

Painting: A sketch of a drawing is applied to the prepared plate and then painting begins. The first layer of paint is usually put with the widest brushes. And then it should be fired in a muffle furnace at a certain temperature. At the same time, the enamel melts again, and the heat-resistant paints themselves are firmly connected to the enamel, as if “drowning” in it. Then the second “registration” — and again firing. And this happens several times. It is important that in a muffle furnace, many paints change their color, and the artist must have a huge experience to know what shade they will acquire immediately after firing.

It is after this process that the decoration with the finish acquires its most characteristic qualities: a special transparency, a certain radiance and sonority of the purest colors, only the enamel has the inherent depth of painting, as if glowing from within. Absolutely every drawing is unique and unique.


Filigree (or scan) is an openwork pattern of fine precious wire soldered to a metal base. The elements of the filigree pattern themselves can be very diverse: rope, cord, weaving, herringbone, path, smooth surface. Individual filigree elements can be connected into a single whole by soldering. Often the scan is combined with a grain — metal small balls that are soldered into pre-prepared recesses. The grain visually creates a spectacular texture, the play of light and shadow, so that the products acquire a special refined look. Jewelry with a skan is oxidized and silvered to further emphasize the texture and emphasize the subtleties of the openwork pattern.

Each of these techniques-the legacies of the great Faberge house, with which Kabarovsky masters skillfully work, is known all over the world, but only the most famous Jewelry Houses of the foreign jewelry industry can repeat them in proper execution, but such jewelry is very expensive and few people can afford them. Therefore, we infinitely appreciate our craftsmen, whom we have collected all over Russia, appreciate their painstaking manual labor, thanks to which real works of jewelry art are born, they are the heart of our brand, carefully preserve the traditions of these unique techniques of working with precious metals, develop and improve them, thanks to which our brand is the owner of several exclusive patents for these techniques.

We offer you to watch a video about the production of jewelry with painted finish
(Precious set “Firebird”)

In addition, our rich experience of annual successful participation in international and world industry exhibitions allows us to proudly and reasonably say that jewelry with hot, jewelry / cold enamels, with painted finish or with a scan, produced by our unique Kabarovsky jewelers, are very appreciated in many countries, cause a huge resonance among connoisseurs of jewelry art and every year allow us to win the most prestigious design competitions.

You can get acquainted and buy Kabarovsky jewelry made in the techniques of hot, jewelry/cold enamel, painted finish and scan in our online store on the website , where dozens of gold and silver collections are presented. Unusual rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, brooches, necklaces and cufflinks with enamel, unique cocktail rings, chandalier earrings and designer brooches with painted finish, jewelry with filigree and cloisonne enamel – a diverse assortment of our brand will not leave you indifferent, and you will definitely be able to find among thousands of jewelry made of gold and silver the very “pearl” for your jewelry box!

If you love jewelry art the same way as Kabarovsky, you will definitely appreciate the jewelry collections of our brand!

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